Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost Last Email on Blog Revamp

While professional web and blog designers are probably horrified, I am mostly happy now with blog revamp. Some recent changes include

- changing the colour scheme

- making the middle column more prominent

- leaving more of a space under the heading

- pushing the bloglist down further

I am now going to focus the small blogging time I have to adding widgets such as STATA tutorial widgets and other things that will be useful to the wider research group that read the blog. Suggestions, as always, for additions to the widget, blogrolls, weblinks and so on would be very useful. We dont need to condense the entire internet but I would like to have sections that are relevant to the different types of people who work with us including undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as faculty, particularly in economics and psychology.


Martin Ryan said...

I have just a couple more comments:

(i) What is the font being used?
(ii) Would the layout look any better if the LHS and RHS columns were pushed out further? (Presumably with the header aswell)

Enda Hargaden said...


(i) Georgia, Serif
(ii) Probably. That can be done if requested quite easily.

Liam Delaney said...

go for (ii) Enda

Martin Ryan said...

Good choice of font

Martin Ryan said...

The blog is looking better now the whole thing is a bit wider.

Leigh Caldwell said...

Couple of suggestions for other behavioural-related blogs you might want on the blogroll:

Peter Ubel: http://feeds.feedburner.com/PeterUbel

Dan Ariely: