Monday, May 04, 2009

Obama - Sunday Times Article

Thanks to Colm for pointing this out.

I do not have a strong political affiliation but some of his points here are very strong particularly on education and human capital. Our education and training debate in Ireland is woeful. Collectively, as academics and policymakers, something more serious needs to emerge in the next couple of weeks. We could do worse than to start by looking at the US.

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Martin Ryan said...

Obama on outcomes after higher education:

"Well, look, I’d start off by saying just look at the statistics. The unemployment rate for high-school graduates is at least three times what it is for a college graduate...if you’re working the odds, your likelihood of getting a job that pays you a good, solid middle-class wage is vastly increased upon graduating from college...Now, what is true is that a postgraduate education that isn’t giving you skills that are measurable in some way, that provide you with some differentiation, means that you’re going to have a little bit of a harder time. I would argue that anybody — that young people generally are going to benefit from a good, solid liberal-arts education. That’s what I got."