Monday, May 25, 2009

10.37am: Monday

New figures suggest that irish people are the most miserable in Europe. Apparently, we spend the equivalent of more than a working day -- nine hours and 28 minutes -- every week griping about something. And women are more likely to moan than men. A majority (59pc) of both sexes agreed on that.

Our objects of grief (in order) are the weather (see previous papers on weather and well-being here and here), traffic, feeling tired and our workloads. And we are at the peak of our grief at 10.37am each Monday. "That's when more of us are whining and moaning than at any other time of the week."

The survey was conducted by Uniroyal Tyres and involved asking 4,000 Europeans about the frequency of their gripes. More details are available in the Irish Independent here.


Liam Delaney said...

"most miserable in Europe" - high complaining frequency I can buy but Ireland is near the top of any SWB measure you can conceive of.

Kevin Denny said...

so when are we least miserable?