Saturday, May 30, 2009

100 Posts in May

As said at the start of the year, I am happy to keep this blog running. It attracts a reasonable number of hits and I regularly get emails about different things related to the posts. We will be revamping it over the summer to use a better template and to have more permanent content on the site that will be geared in different ways toward academics, policy-makers, undergraduate students and postgrads. I will also try to make better use of audio and visual materials. Suggestions for ways to improve this should be sent to me or left in the comments.

We debated before about the role blogs should play in academic and policy debate. To me, they play an important role disseminating information quickly, allowing discussion of issues that are evolving at a rapid pace, giving students a chance to see what is happening in academic and policy debates, providing ideas for journal papers and so on.

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