Thursday, April 30, 2009

Women and Men in Ireland

A recent CSO release - women are underrepresented in positions of authority. Men drop out of school at much higher rates and die a lot younger.


Cathy Redmond said...

"Men were generally more likely to die at a younger age than women, with the difference in risk particularly high in the 15-24 years age group. This reflects a greater tendency for young men to commit suicide and to be victims of motor vehicle accidents." (Mark pointed out this issue earlier this week)...I wonder how much of the difference in life expectancy can be explained by this.

Kevin Denny said...

Arising from that is the slightly different question: how much of the difference in longevity arises from the differential risk of death for the 15-24 age group? Is it the case that if one makes it past 24 that life expectancy is much the same for men and women?

If one looks at the trend in road deaths there has been a striking (& often unnoticed) fall in absolute numbers. Divide by road users or volume of travel & it seems driving has never been safer. My guess is this is due to less drinking & driving. This might help to narrow the male/female gap.