Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stata output

I have recently been exploring different ways of producing nice tables from Stata output. The early mover in the field was outreg. This is a bit clunky. An alternative approach is to use Stata's own estimate table command. While the output looks nice there are some restrictive features like showing the marginal effects. A user written command esttab seems to be an improvement but also has its limitations. I think the best available so far is outreg2 : this is not an update on outreg but a separate application: lots of bells & whistles to be mastered but that's the price you pay.


Martin Ryan said...


This is quite interesting; thanks for mentioning esttab.

You may be interested in having a look at the Geary Stata and Latex blog where related issues have been discussed:

I linked to Roy Wada's guide to "Rapid Formation of Regression Tables for Research Purposes" before, in which he discussed outreg and outreg2. The link is below:

Another resource that I found is more about getting non-regression output out of STATA - its Ian Watson's guide to "Publications quality tables in Stata:
a tutorial for the tabout program".
Link below:

Liam Delaney said...

outreg2 is a great application. have had very little trouble with it. A few things like outregging ordered probit regressions need a bit of thought.

Kevin Denny said...

The number of options in outreg2 seems bewildering but in practice one just sticks with a few options that work I suppose. It is pretty neat though. Thanks for those links Martin.


Eibhlin said...

For outregging the marginal effects using outreg 2 there is a relatively new command called mfx2 which I've found quite useful