Tuesday, April 07, 2009

National Internship Scheme UK

We have spoken a number of times on the blog about the potential for internships and the fact that the UK is going to roll out a national programme. Below is a website that gives a brief guide to the thing. This is certainly not a fully blown plan and its not entirely clear from the site what exactly it is and whether it has significant government backing. It also does not look like there is much research examining the types of factors that may affect success here.

But you have to say that at least its a start. It gives us something to at least track in the Irish context and look to see if we can develop a workable model.


Both in the UK and Ireland, we need to give a lot more thought to what is going to happen to graduates coming out in the next couple of years.


A parliamentary note essentially saying that nothing has been decided on this is available here

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