Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Budget Measures on Employment

Would strongly encourage everyone who reads this blog, who is working on education, labour, behavioural and so on, to look at this document closely. It outlines a range of measures for addressing unemployment. The total budget allocated for these measures is 128 million. The packages are essentially a combination of back-to-work incentives, training schemes, incentives for training, extra third level places and so on.

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One part that we should follow closely is the provision for 2,000 work experience places.

"Work Experience Scheme: Provide 2,000 places on a new Work Experience Scheme on a cost neutral basis where the State’s payment will be equivalent to social welfare Job Seeker Benefit/Assistance weekly rates. The details of this scheme will be finalised between the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, and the Department of Social and Family Affairs with a view to early implementation."

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