Monday, March 30, 2009

True Economics

True Economics is the blog by Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev, adjunct Lecturer in Finance, Trinity College, Dublin, and director of Business & Finance magazine. He links to a recent WSJ interview with Nobel prize winner and University of Chicago economist Gary Becker. On the subject of the Chicago School, this five-minute video is very produced (there's something akin to Tubular Bells being played at times) but there are some memorable quotes, such as:

"People were interested in ideas and argument, not in making sure that you didn't ruffle anybody's feathers"

"There wasn't that much fighting in the lunches; they were pretty cordial!"


Mark McG said...

Reminds me of some of Joan Robinson's accounts of the Cambridge School.

"There were moments when we had some trouble in getting Maynard [Keynes] to see what the point of his revolution really was..."

Kevin Denny said...

Ah that famous diner at Captain America's in Grafton street. Robinson, not Keynes.The TCD students took her there.

Martin Ryan said...

I'd say that Captain America's are doing great trade in this climate.