Friday, March 27, 2009

HTML Code and URL's

On a practical note, I've been getting frustrated recently with URL's getting broken in the comments section of the blog. I noticed that Michael was using html to circumvent the problem and it is easily done. Just follow the template below.

You need to have the "http" included and to paste in the URL twice - once in the quotation marks, and then again separately. Some more tips and a template to copy are available here.

While we're on the topic of URL's, I've noticed recently that Steve has been using a truncation service. The two most popular that I've seen are:


These truncation services basically generate a short URL in lieu of a long one; people who click on the new one get automatically forwarded to the original URL. This is quite handy for a lot of Web 2.0 platforms, or for email without html where it's not possible to insert a hyperlink. Does anyone know though - how long the truncated URL's generally last for?

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steve said... is a really cool url shortener. You can register for free and have full control over the destination of your urls, you can also password protect your links and links will never expire.