Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Bart, Don't Make Fun of Grad. Students, They Just Made a Terrible Life Choice"

Thanks to the Organizations and Markets Blog for pointing out this clip from the Simpsons where Bart explains graduate school. I can think of a few Matt Groening fans in Geary who should get a kick out of this. Another take on grad school by Groening is available here. While all of this may seem quite entertaining in cartoon sketches, we should bear in mind that there are some very serious aspects to Ph.D. graduates' skills-matching and the non-cognitive aspects of Ph.D. student persistence. These have been discussed on this blog before (follow the links). Also related is Lex Borghan's and Bart Golsteyn's (not Simpson!) work on "Skill Transferability, Regret and Mobility".

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Martin Ryan said...

Thanks Marge!!!!

This also reminded me of the talk that Marcel Zeelenberg (Tilburg University) gave in the Geary Behavioural Seminar Series on "Regret and Decision Making":

As well as the finding by the Higher Education Statistics Agency that "large numbers of graduates regret their choice of university and subject despite generally being satisfied with their careers":

Finally, also the debate that McWilliams sparked off on labour market mismatch: