Saturday, February 07, 2009

Volunteers Requested - Irish Recovery Site

A small but growing group of academics, business people and researchers have been working on a set of events, websites, message boards and so on related to the theme of Irish economic recovery. We are looking for volunteers to help set everything up. Below is not even a beta-site but it will be updated very rapidly over the next month and then launched as and used as a portal for ideas about micro-level reforms in Irish policy and as a host site for a set of online and conventional events and discussions. Colm Harmon is one of the individuals supporting this (hence the Geary address) but it is a cross-sectoral and cross-institutional initiative so we will move this once we get the set-up done.

recovery site

If anyone wants to help with some of the tasks below, get in touch with me. We dont have any money but I do buy pizza for anyone who comes in to help. In general, we will work in five hour sessions on either Saturday or Sunday throughout the next year.

- help with organising events.
- help with developing the web resources.
- manage mailing lists, data-bases and so on.

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apologies - also fruit if people want the healthy option