Friday, February 13, 2009

Psychology in the Aid of Recovery

David Brooks, who Michael blogged about earlier, arguing for the need for psychology to be placed at the heart of the stimulus. As said before, I dont neccesarily disagree but what does psychological fiscal policy look like? If Brian Cowan or Gordon Brown is going to call in a psychologist to be with them and advise them on the recovery plan what would that person do differently as opposed to how the person would think differently


Michael Daly said...
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Michael Daly said...

As chris morris said 'science has increased our understanding of suffering. But has it really helped?'! Most of the ideas from psychology and economics seem to be either aimed at long time horizons (e.g. investing early to promote non-cog skills) or reframing decision-making so people pick options now that benefit their long-term well-being. When governments are butchering budgets taking out a psychological scalpel to carve out new policies seems like a lower order priority. But maybe now is the time!