Saturday, February 07, 2009

Innovation Resources

As said many people have been asking for information on current initiatives on research and innovation so here follows another long set of links and ideas that might be worth looking through particularly for people interested in researchers careers. Thanks to Cathy for digging out this stuff

1) Overview of Lisbon Agenda

The below report was a review of the Lisbon strategy for growth and employment. The Lisbon Agenda was set out in 2000 and aimed to increase innovation and growth in Europe. This report was written in 2004, includes what has been achieved to then (not much) and outlines recommendations to move forward. It is very well-written I think. Chapter 2, Section 1: Realising the Knowledge society is the most relevent to researchers and universities.


2) European's Researcher Charter

Below is the link to the European Commission's Researchers in motion website, they provide services such as information on accommodation, day care and schooling, language courses, etc for researchers. The European Charter for researchers is available on this page - worth reading if you are a researcher


3) Innovation Scoreboard and Growth and Employment in Europe

European Commission Growth and Jobs, annual progress report:


European Innovation Scoreboard: (Copied Ireland section), link below

Ireland is in the group of Innovation followers, with an innovation performance above the EU27 average. It is a growth leader within this group of countries with a rate of improvement just above that of the EU27. Relative strengths, compared to the country's average performance, are in Human resources, Throughputs and Economic effects and relative weaknesses are in Firm investments and Linkages & entrepreneurship. Over the past 5 years, Human resources and Finance and support have been the main drivers of the improvement in innovation performance, in particular as a result from strong growth in S&E and SSH doctorate graduates (12.8%), Private credit (14.6%) and Broadband access by firms (37.5%). Performance in Firm investments, Linkages & entrepreneurship and Innovators has worsened, in particular due to a decrease in Non-R&D innovation expenditures (-5.7%), Innovative SMEs collaborating with others (-7.0%) and SMEs introducing product or process innovations (-3.3%).

4) Researcher's Concordat - useful to look at this to see how the British treat their researchers


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