Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Upcoming Talks Geary

January 27th 2009. 3pm. Joachim Winter (University of Munich). "The Workings of a Private Health Insurance Market: Enrollment Decisions, Plan Choice, and Adverse Selection in Medicare Part D" (joint with Florian Heiss and Daniel McFadden)

February 3rd 2009. 1pm Bart Golsteyn (Univeristy of Maastricht) "Economics and Personality"

February 10th 2009. 1pm Daniel Goldstein (London Business School). "Choosing Outcomes versus Choosing Products: Consumer-Focused Retirement Investment Advice".

February 17th 2009. 1pm Frank Walsh (University College Dublin). "Supervision and Wages"

March 2nd 2009, 4pm. Gerard O'Neill (Amarach Research). "The Psychology of Recession and Recovery"

Gerard's talk is the first in a new series we have started at the Institute that will focus on the interaction between social science and public policy. A much wider initiative is being launched in this domain in the upcoming weeks.

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