Friday, January 02, 2009

Irish Day Reconstruction Project

A new website will be up soon detailing the ongoing well-being work being conducted here. below is the initial version. It contains reading lists, details of the studies being undertaken, links, people involved and so on.

We recently won an IRCHSS grant to carry out this work on a representative population sample examining town-level factors affecting well-being, measurement of well-being, integration of biological markers and so on. This builds on work we have already conducted on a student sample and on a sample of commuters in Dublin. From this work, we integrated biological markers to study financial discounting and we are about to release a set of papers examining diurnal biological patterns and their relation to affect.

This is strongly related to another project we have been developing examining health history in Ireland in the 20th century including the health and well-being of migrants to the UK, US and other destinations. We are currently working on a set of papers examining the determinants of infant mortality in Ireland and how early conditions affected the later health and well-being of the Irish population.

Happy to talk to anyone who is interested in either of these projects.

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