Saturday, January 17, 2009

Draft Captain Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger

Ive just been reading the story of how this man managed to safely land a plane in the Hudson river without any deaths. Thinking of a pilot facing the engines of his plane failing and still managing to hold his nerve, redirect the flight, land it in a river and save everyone on board seems like a good metaphor for us all to keep in mind. I wonder does he know anything about rescuing financial systems.


Joe Mojohovits said...

Well He did his job, thats why we have trained ,skilled pilots flying the planes, in case this sort of thing comes up, Not a Hero
as Sully knows A Hero goes above and beyond the call of duty if he was a Hillbilly , not getting paid, never flew a plane and the pilot falls over and he grabs the stick and brings the plane home,everyone lives that may be a Hero,
I drive to work everyday without causing a bus to run off the road “am I a Hero”
people who do the job they are paid for are not automatic Heroes, after 9-11 all police,firefighters, rescue workers were Heroes, They did the job they were paid for, sadly that day the call of duty came with a price, those who went beyond the call of duty were heroes, but not the firefighter in hicktown TN playing Tonk and drinking beer, Not an automatic Hero
Remember the criteria
Above and Beyond the call of Duty

-G- said...

O please! Of course he is a HERO (especially for those pasangers) he saves lives, he did a marvelous job while doing his job. Heck with the criteria, because that criteria doesn't save those people, but how Sully reacted and decided to do at that exact moment saved them.

Easy for us to define this and that, but imagine if you (Joe) were on that plane you better wish the pilot is a HERO so he can safe your life.

Liam Delaney said...

if he can sort the irish economy we'll give him hero status here

Anonymous said...

Great guy, awesome pilot, NOT A HERO.

This guy summed it up quite nicely: