Friday, January 02, 2009

Blog Update

People sometimes ask wearily "where do you get the time to keep a blog??" with the implication being that you must have too much time on your hands. The answer is easy - it takes a few minutes a day and pays off a lot in terms of not having to send lots of individual emails to people recommending papers. Most of the research students I work with look at the blog and it helps keep information flowing around our research group. This doesnt substitute for more intense internal forums like seminars, project collaboration software and so on but I believe it is a nice and inexpensive complement,.

Also, a lot of people with interesting thoughts log-in and get some benefit from it and I regularly get sent useful mails and have interesting discussions triggered by something that was posted. So I am happy to keep this going another year at least.

I was thinking recently about whether anything should be done with the blog. A few things come to mind

- We have never really made use of the comments forum and Im not entirely sure thats a bad thing. People have said this is a shame. Suggestions welcome but this isnt a major problem for me.

- We used the blog for this once this year on a simple survey monkey experiment.We now have our own online lab facility in the group where we can do experiments. I think using the blog to post simple demonstration experiments and pilot tests with the new lab and then to post the results would be a good idea.

- I will work a bit more on the presentation of the blog. Its looking a little clunky and dated. Suggestions welcome.

- Adding more posts directed toward undergrads in psychology and economics is a priority.

- Changing the name is definitely on the cards. As someone pointed out "Geary Behaviour Centre" does have shades of 1984 about it and also doesnt really convey what the blog is about. Geary Behavioural Economics Blog is the one I am most leaning toward.

- Feel free to email or comment if you have anything to add.


Stephen Kinsella said...

Better Titles:

Geary Chunk of




Max(U): Not


Or, well, Geary Behavioural Economics Blog is good too :)

Liam Delaney said...

a few others emails with suggestions for the inclusion of more audio-visual material. Someone else suggested switch to wordpress but I dont like the idea of not being able to port all the old posts. in terms of names, I think Geary Behavioural Economics Blog is definitely the frontrunner at the moment/

Kevin Denny said...

Naw, you need something catchy, even sexy dare I say: Behavioural.Spice or Slutsky-Amygdala