Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Geary Behaviour Seminars 2009

A list of the currently confirmed seminars

January 27th 2009. Joachim Winter (University of Munich). "The Workings of a Private Health Insurance Market: Enrollment Decisions, Plan Choice, and Adverse Selection in Medicare Part D" (joint with Florian Heiss and Daniel McFadden)

February 3rd 2009. Bart Golsteyn (Univeristy of Maastricht) "Economics and Personality"

February 10th 2009. Daniel Goldstein (London Business School). "Behavioural Economics and Defaults".

February 17th 2009. Frank Walsh (University College Dublin). "Supervision and Wages"

February 21st 2009, Janet Currie, (Columbia University). "Childhood Health Inequalities".

March 10th 2009, Ian Walker (University of Leicester). TBA

March 24th 2009, Amelie Petitclerc (Université Laval) "Impact of Family events and Choices on Young childrens Conduct Problem Trajectories: Cues for Public Policy and Intervention"

April 21st 2009. Uwe Sunde, (University of St Gallen). "Risk Aversion and Behaviour".

May 19th 2009. Simon Gaechter, (University of Nottingham). "Experimental Economics"

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