Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happiness for Beginners

A few of my students asked for some references on the well-being economics literature so here follows a whistle-stop tour. The usual caveat about this being incomplete holds and feel free to suggest some more.

The IDEAS/REPEC pages of the following people is a good place to begin (others in Economics include Bruno Frey, Robert Frank, Gary Becker, Bernard Van Praag, Arie Kapteyn and you will find their homepages easily with the assistance of Google or IDEAS).

Alois Stuzer

David Blanchflower

Daniel Kahneman

Andrew Clark

Andrew Oswald

Economics of Happiness is a sub-classification also on the New Economic Papers and these are well worth consulting for whats currently happening in the field.

Some books that are worth consulting include (abbreviated titles)

Diener: Culture and Subjective Well-Being

Kahenman et al: Foundations of Hedonic Psychology

Richard Layard Happiness

Frey and Stutzer: Economics and Happiness

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